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  Television Pilot with Jack Hourigan

  Food Network Cohost


CoProducer/Director/DP/Editor: Tiffany Ann Laufer

CoProduced with Melissa Tackling & Moo Cow Productions

What is the journey our food takes from the field to our plates.  Follow the ever engaging Jack (Jacqueline) Hourigan (The Food Network co-host) as she discovers the path a simple lemon takes from the grove to the plate. 

Told in two parts, this pilot features an historical look at the agricultural region of production then focuses on the farm itself where the food is grown and ending in a kitchen where Chef Michael Cremonese highlights the food in a simple and refreshing dish.

Shot on location at the Sunkist Lemon Farms (Limoneira) in Santa Barbara and at Melissa’s test kitchen in downtown Los Angeles.

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